Amanda Adachi

Inconceivable amounts of stupidity, stalking, harassment, and mean girl fuel has went into this. But no matter what, the good and intelligent people always win. Get over it and move on.

Just so you know I was happy with him once, I was actually happy with all of them at one period in my life. It’s a shame you nasty girls turned them into traitors and trash. It’s a shame that they betrayed so easily. It’s a shame I have to think of them as useless beings that will pull my life down an abysmal drain if I reaccept them in my life. But at the same time I am proud that I’m so much better off without them. I never want to go back so keep your trash to yourselves. I like to live a clean and healthy life and I’m tired of sweeping up and remedying your debris.

They don’t understand exactly how much they’ve done to me. I don’t even want to hear them anymore.

The first and only fact that should debunk a prospective friendship with me is that they they lied about me to my ex boyfriend to influence him to date them instead. At that point, I don’t care to relate to both parties.

Oh yeah and I DONT TRADE EX BOYFRIENDS AS CASUAL HOOKUPS FOR MORE HOOKUPS. What the F! If I tell a friend great happenings that occurred with my ex boyfriend it is not an invitation to have a relationship with him behind my back! I also definitely don’t accept a sly and devious random hookup referral as an exchange for the respect I had for the relationship by mutually referring him as a cheap sex partner either. Wow. Just leave me alone. We have NOTHING in common.

I never knew a ratchet problem could ever find me!

Reawakened debris should be burned to ash
Don’t know why you’re living day by day
Your parents should be so sad
I have never seen such trash lie
Do you feel alive? Using me as a high?
Burn it all, bark, and die.
Even if it takes a century
I will break your affinity
For sabotaging the image of my intellectuality
For invading my life and attempting to corrupt my morality
Because “you want me”
Classless and worthless individuals in my eyes
Reawakened debris like you should burn in fiery light
So go ahead and talk sh** if that pleases your self-esteem
Light up, bark, and die.

I thank everyone who did try though. My appreciation is engraved in my heart.

It’s all on you, everyone in jurisdiction of authority that allows this to proceed, everyone that turns a blind eye because you feel sorry for them, and their parents that deliberately fuel their crazy behavior, not me. I’ve done over my share of attempts to stop this. I feel nothing. So to those crazy and trashy girls, go on and redeem petty vengeance in infinite amounts of ways every day. Let’s see where that lands you. It’s all on you too.