Amanda Adachi

They’re not allowed on my floor btw. That is safe to say.

I wish I can ban those sobs off my building’s premises. I bet the security guards gave up on them after utilizing whatever authority they had almost everyday… lol

You know what I’m doing now? I’m playing games on my phone while those sobs are telling me to lose. I’ve had it. EVERYDAY.

I don’t even give the time of day for them. They know that and they’re stressing me out by crazily crap talking and “stomping their feet” until I succumb and become their friend. Never will it happen. To say it simply, they will have to steal my dead body off the autopsy table.

They think I’m committing a crime against them because I got promoted and I’m having fun with my friends. I can move on if I want, especially after all that they’ve done to me.

In society you are punished for your despicable actions. If you don’t want to be punished then don’t do the despicable action. You must fit into that mold to survive. Otherwise, you will rot and die. No one is going to buy you dinner and pat you on your back for committing foul deeds on a person (me) who is just trying to live her life.